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ePaper Cybrarian is a web-based portal which provides anyone, from the casual reader to the formal researcher, access to over 1000 newspapers and magazines from more than 80 countries in 40 languages.


Build your Virtual Library
ePaper Cybrarian provides patrons with an easy-to-use interface to access the most current editions of international and local newspapers and magazines. Your patrons can search any newspaper, use instant translation, select articles in a table of contents and share them with other patrons.


Serve diverse communities
ePaper Cybrarian automatically allows you to serve a wider audience with a variety of newspapers and magazines, complemented with a variety of digital tools, accessible from home or within your library.


Save time and money
ePaper Cybrarian does not require installation of any software or plug-in and saves delivery costs of print subscriptions, staff resources and shelving space. ePaper Cybrarian is an environmentally friendly solution.

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